Pheenix has been established by a professional and experienced body piercer, who works with the highest standard of customer service, cleanness, piercing accuracy and uses top-quality jewellery.
The body piercer operative of Pheenix, has been thoroughly trained by an expert New Zealand body piercer, who has been teaching and piercing professionally for more than 20 years. Our piercer has performed a large variety of piercings for ALL age groups at a reputable and high-volume body piercing studio in New Zealand.
Our piercer at Pheenix has worked in a super-busy piercing studio, which required a piercer to be exceedingly skilful and efficient for its high customer flow. Through this experience, she has gained much understanding in the art of helping piercing lovers get rid of piercing issues during the healing process. Most specifically, she could do around 70 body piercings in A SINGLE DAY. On average she is used to doing around 500 body piercings PER MONTH. We have the knowledge and expertise, to make your piercing experience the best.
Pheenix is proud of its record of taking good care of piercing lovers by following the Highest Hygiene standards.

1. All our piercing needles are disposable.
2. We use individually pre-packed, sterilized, piercing implements.
3. We follow the strictest standards of sterilisation obligations. As all our sterilizing facilities meet the dental clinic sterilisation requirements.
4. Our piercing gun kits are sterilized and disposable. We DO NOT use the old-fashioned reusable piercing gun AT ALL.
5. There is ZERO tolerance for using contaminated piercing tools at Phoenix.

We take piercing seriously, and your safety, comes first and foremost at all times. It means you’ll leave Phoenix with something you love and loves your body.