In all cases, piercings are performed at Pheenix discretion. If the piercer feels uncomfortable with the area of placement, the jewellery selection, the client’s health, or any other condition or circumstance, we reserve the right to refuse service.

Age Restrictions

  • Babies MUST be at least 3 months old to get earlobe piercings from us.
  • We only perform piercings on earlobes for individuals under the age of 13.
  • We only offer *General Needle Piercings to clients who are in Year 9 of school and 13 years old or older.
  • For safety and health reasons, we do not perform Tongue, Nipple, or Cheek Piercings on anyone under the age of 16, even with parental or guardian consent. These types of piercings carry a higher risk of complications and require a higher level of aftercare.

*General Needle Piercings:
Earlobe, Ear Cartilage Piercings (Helix/ Rook/ Tragus/ Anti-Tragus/ Daith/ Conch/ Orbital/ Snug/ Industrial), Septum, Lip, Navel, Eyebrow, Bridge, Smiley, Frowny, Surface, Vertical Lip, etc..

Age of 16 and above

Clients 16 or over, do not require a parent or guardian to sign a consent form for when getting a piercing in our shop. We do however require you bring a valid photo ID with you. For our ID requirement, we must have a valid, non-expired, photo ID. It must be the original; photocopies are not legally valid.

We need your ID any time when we request, even if you have shown it on a prior occasion.

If you have any questions about acceptable IDs, please email us ( or give us a call (landline number) before you make the trip. We don’t like turning away clients, so we’ll do our best to work with what you have to help you meet our ID requirements. For more information about rules for piercing in Pheenix, check out more info on our website at

Under 16s

We are able to perform both needle and gun piercings on anyone over the age of 13 with their parents or legal guardians physically present to give written consent.

Signing a consent form on behalf of a child is claiming the legal right to do so. Signing a consent form as a non-legal guardian is falsifying a legal document and could result in legal action from the child’s actual legal guardian and/or Pheenix Piercing.

We co-operate completely with any law enforcement agency, court and/or legal guardian looking to take legal action against anyone that makes a false claim of legal guardianship.


At Pheenix, we are more than happy to perform earlobe piercings on infants from 3 MONTHS and up with a parent’s or legal guardian’s accompanying and written consent.

We make every effort to create a calm, fun, and positive first piercing experience, especially with our younger clients! Our goal is to help create a special memory of them choosing to be brave and choosing to shine!

Every attempt is made to provide your child with a clean and safe piercing experience by making it as relaxed as possible. At the beginning, the piercer will discuss the procedure with the parent/guardian and child. If the piercer feels it is not in the child’s best interest to continue once started, we may decline to perform the procedure. These decisions are made with the child’s safety in mind, so we ask that the accompanying parents/guardian respect our decision.

Also, our piercing rooms can only hold a limited number of people. For this reason, we may only be able to accommodate up to TWO parents/guardians in addition to the child being pierced in the room during the procedure.