Gun Piercing


Earlobe GUN Piercing cost is from $15 EACH including a single piece of ear stud comes into a full-sealed, pre-sterilised (Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation) disposable piercing kit package.

Position Price Jewellery
Earlobe From $15 Included
Child Earlobe (3 Months+) From $15 Included


Nose Gun piercing is from $30 each including a nose stud comes into a Fully sealed, pre-sterilised (Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation) disposable piercing kit package.

Position Price Jewellery
Nostril $30 Included

Needle Piercing

*Please note that all prices for NEEDLE piercings do not include the cost of jewelry. This means that the prices listed are for the piercing service ONLY. The TOTAL price of a piercing is the cost of a piercing service PLUS the cost of a piece of jewellery.

ASTM F136 Implant Grade Titanium Jewelry starts at $15 EACH. The cost of needle piercing is AT LEAST $30. Therefore, the total cost of the piercing experience is at least $45.

Prices may go up depending on what style or material of jewellery you pick.
See Pheenix Jewellery for more info.

*ASTM F136 Titanium is the most precious material when it comes to body piercings. It prevents allergic or infectious actions on the skin, so we suggest our clients getting a piercing done with Our Titanium Jewellery.

Pheenix's Piercing Position  Chart such as ear piercing helix piercing and more


Position Price Jewellery
Earlobe $30 Not Included
Large Gauge Earlobe (Up to 6G) $30 Not Included
Helix (Cartilage) $30 Not Included
Forward Helix (Cartilage) $30 Not Included
Rook (Cartilage) $30 Not Included
Tragus (Cartilage) $30 Not Included
Anti-Tragus (Cartilage) $30 Not Included
Daith (Cartilage) $30 Not Included
Conch (Cartilage) $30 Not Included
Snug (Cartilage) $30 Not Included
Industrial (Cartilage) $30 Not Included

Pheenix's Facial Piercing Position Chart including nose piercing lip piercing and more


Position Price Jewellery
Nostril $30 Not Included
Symmetrical Nostril $60 Not Included
Double Nostril (Same side) $60 Not Included
High Nostril $30 Not Included
Septum $30 Not Included
Bridge $30 Not Included
Eyebrow $30 Not Included
Side Eye $30 Not Included
Vertical Lip (Surface) $30 Not Included
Third Eye (Surface) $30 Not Included
Surface/Vertical Tragus $30 Not Included
Horizontal Lip (Surface) $30 Not Included
Facial Dermal (G23 Titanium Anchor) $50 Not Included


Position Price Jewellery
Lip $30 Not Included
Snake Bites (Lip) $60 Not Included
Ashley (Lip) $30 Not Included
Medusa (Lip) $30 Not Included
Upper Lip (Monroe/Madonna) $30 Not Included
Lower Lip $30 Not Included
Tongue $30 Not Included
Multi Tongue $30 Not Included
Snake Eyes $30 Not Included
Tongue Web $30 Not Included
Smiley $30 Not Included
Frowny $30 Not Included
Cheek (single side) $30 Not Included
Dahlia (single side) $30 Not Included


Position Price Jewellery
Navel $30 Not Included
Lower Navel $30 Not Included
Nipple $30 Not Included
Surface $30 Not Included
Microthermal/Dermal Anchor(G23 Titanium Anchor) $50 Not Included

Jewellery Change/Remove

  • FREE Jewellery Change/Removal If you buy the Jewellery from us
  • $5 Each, applies to Jewellery purchased outside of our shop or/and piercings performed outside of our shop)
  • Dermal Anchor Removal, $15 Each

Jewellery Downsize/Upsize

  • ASTM F136 Implant Grade Titanium Jewellery, From $15 EACH
  • Sterling Silver Nose Piercing Jewellery, From $5 EACH
  • Surgical Steel Jewellery Attachment/Parts/Tops, From $3.50 EACH

Prices may go up depending on what style or material of jewellery you pick

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