Pheenix is a professional body piercing-focused studio located in the city of Wellington, New Zealand. We focus on giving every customer a warm a pleasant experience. The inspiration for our name comes from the Legend of the Phoenix, a mythical bird from Greek mythology. It’s born again without a blemish to live young and beautiful. With every magical rebirth, a phoenix will get stronger. Every piercing service brings true and lasting change, which is seen as a rebirth ceremony.

We promise every customer will leave completely satisfied with our exceptional and supreme service they have received. The ceremony allows you to wear the appropriate jewellery like beautiful wings supporting you on your new journey.

We strive to always provide a clean, safe, relaxing, and welcoming environment for all seeking to modify themselves. We promise every client, we follow the highest standards of hygiene and sterilisation procedures. We take full responsibility for taking good care of the health and safety, of all who choose Pheenix for their piercing experience.

We at Pheenix, with our excellent proficiency and knowledge in the piercing industry, will guide you to have a smooth and relaxing piercing experience. We are practiced, creative, and open to any reasonable suggestions.

Your little ones are very welcome, as we are a KID-Friendly studio. We have plenty of involvement in making piercing a pleasant experience for them.

We are open from (10.30 to 6.00 pm Tuesday to Sunday.) 

Please Note: we DO NOT do genital piercings.