Pheenix utilizes Thickness, Diameter, Length, and Attachment Size as our standard measurements for jewelry. Please refer to the following picture as an example.

a chart showing what thickness, length and attachment are in terms of piercing jewelry measurement at Pheenix Piercing

Ear Piercing Chart

  • 'Thickness' is the distance through the wire which is usually covered by the skin.
  • 'Diameter' measures the distance from one side to the opposite side of a straight line passing through the center of the inner circle of a ring.
  • 'Length' represents the distance between attachments.
  • 'Attachment' refers to the distance of the widest dimension of the decorative end of a piece of jewelry.

In order to provide you with precise information about our product sizes, we utilize the Metric system which measures in millimeters (mm). This ensures an accurate understanding of our products' dimensions.

Gauge  Metric Inch
22 0.6mm 0.024
20 0.8mm 0.031
18 1.0mm 0.039
16 1.2mm 0.047
14 1.6mm 0.063
12 2.0mm 0.079
10 2.5mm 0.098
8 3.0mm 0.118
6 4.0mm 0.157
4 5.0mm 0.197
2 6.0mm 0.236
0 8.0mm 0.315
00 10.0mm 0.394