Pheenix has a strict standard for selecting manufacturers who take great pride in providing top-quality and eye-catching Jewellery as a professional piercing workshop. Most of our jewellery is made of ASTM F136 Titanium, the safest material for healing fresh piercings. We only sell high-quality body piercing Jewellery crafted from the finest materials and metals.

You can choose from a wide range of: Studs, Barbells, Screws, Rings, Clickers, Stretchers, Plugs, Tunnels, Posts, Tops, Ends, plus more!  The Pheenix jewellery selection is top-notch. We always try to keep in stock, various materials, colours, designs, and sizes to suit your needs. 

Our piercers are incredibly knowledgeable in the materials they work with, passionate about the pieces they create, and strive to provide consistently comfortable and stunning-look Jewellery that clients will cherish for a lifetime.

The Price

At Pheenix, we do not apply a “One size to fit all” solution to body piercings. You are free to DIY and match to create your own perfect jewellery style. Alternatively, we also provide a good range of easy
pre-matched jewellery options.

All prices for needle piercings DO NOT include the Jewellery applied for a new piercing.

Jewellery will be an extra cost for ALL sorts of needle piercings. The least expensive jewellery for a nose piercing is $4, and $15 for a single piece of jewellery used for other kinds of piercings.

E.g., if you want to get your eyebrow pierced, you need a barbell for this piercing. Prices start at $15 for the barbell itself. This is the least expensive option: the titanium banana barbell with two silver-coloured plain Ball Ends. It would make it $15, + $30 for the piercing fee, for a total of $45.

However, what if you’ve got your eye on those fancy ends, like the opal ones? This is easy! Just upgrade the barbell with two opal balls for $15+$15+$15(Opal Ball + Barbell + Opal Ball) or $45 + $30 for the piercing fee; the total cost is $75, and you get your piercing done with your DIY jewellery!

There are certain types of Jewellery which are included in the price for a GUN piercing. Just like a nose piercing or an ear lobe piercing with a disposable gun. This is because we do your piercing with a piece of sterile jewellery (an earring or a nose stud) which comes with a disposable GUN in a fully sealed package.

Our online shop has similar items to what are available in our physical store. We are able to ship your order to almost anywhere within New Zealand. For more info or to get started on an order, email us at (Our email address for customers).